End of march, the first CHP combining CSP plant with ORC technology was started up. The project was financed by by the Danish Government’s Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.

The heating plant provides Brønderslev (4600 consumers) with 10 MWh. It replaced an old one  that used natural gas as fuel. The new system consists oftwo 10 MW biomass boilers, , three ground-source heat pumps and solar heating and oil-fired units.

The CSP covers 27 000 square meters with 40 rows of mirrors. The mirrors which heat thermal oil to temperatures up to 330°C. The heated oil is then used to both feed the 3.8 MWe ORC system, suppied by Italy’s Turboden, and directly heat the district heating water. The system can easily switch between modes of heat production and both heat and power production at peak price periods. The calculations demonstrate the possibility of up to 16 MWh power production in sunny  days.

Turboden ORC plants provide possibility to convert CSP produced heat into power by means of high efficient thermodynamic cycle. Concentrated Solar Power systems with the ORC technology of Turboden can be cost-effective in the range up to 20 MW electric per single shaft.

The advantages of Turboden ORC-plants for CSP application are

  • Capability to adapt to load variation easily and quickly
  • Ease of integration with biomass or heat recovery plants
  • Partial load operation down to 10% of the nominal load
  • Direct air condensation. No water consumption
  • Possibility to couple to low cost/medium scale solar collectors

Altenergy is an official representative of Italian ORC-plants manufacturer. Therefore, our specialists can provide you with a plant that is suitable for your application, whether it is a CSP plant or waste heat application. We help to produce even more green energy. Just contact us!

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