Season’s greetings from Altenergy

Our team is glad to send you season’s greetings.

We wish you and your families to reach all the set goals and be happy with every moment of the upcoming year.

And we keep on working on improving the environment and the world around:)

Sweden meets its renewable energy goals ASAP

Sweden’s going to provide renewable and affordable energy by 2030. Now it is on track tp meet the goals a little ahead of schedule. The Swedish Wind Power Association (SWPA) says its members are to generate 18 terawatt-hours of electricity every year by the end of 2018, making it possible for the nation to reach its renewable energy goals 12 years early.

In 2015, Sweden joined to develop the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The plan traditionally covered four global divisions: humanitarian development, environmental sustainability, long-term economic planning and advancing peace. Sweden developed a 17-part plan to end poverty, provide clean water and sanitation and combat global climate change.

Many of the plans are still in progress, however, one could be achieved in 2018. Representing Sweden’s wind energy industry, the SWPA projects the number of wind turbines alone could provide clean and affordable power to the nation as soon as December.

The organization says, amount of wind turbines by the end of year will fulfill two goals of the Swedish energy plan: ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy service and substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

If the energy industry hits the projections, the future is bright for the Nordic nation. The additional power boost comes as demand for energy access is set to spike. According to the International Energy Agency, electricity needs could jump by up to 37 percent worldwide over the next 22 years. To help developing nations answer their electricity needs, Sweden’s next major milestones are to double renewable energy efficiency rates, partner with other countries to improve renewable energy and supply energy to the world’s least developed nations and islands.

BASF investigates establishment of second Verbund site in China

Our partners, chemical concern BASF investigates an option to establish the second Verbund site in Chinese South province of Guangdong. Lately, representatives of BASF’s Board of Executive Directors and the province’s authorities undersigned a non-binding Memorandum of understanding.

China remains a leader on the global chemical  market (excl. pharma) by manufacturing around 40% of  products. On the other hand, BASF is in a good and stable position in China. There are 25 plants, a range of sales offices as well as Innovations Campus in Shanghai.

Guangdong province is home to customers from these key industries, as well as other fast-growing industries. With more than 110 million residents, Guangdong is the most populous province in China. Its gross domestic product, currently growing at 7% annually, already exceeds that of Spain and will soon have reached that of South Korea.

Prelimenary, it is planned to start-up a steam cracker plant with 1 mln tons of ethylene pro year capacity as a core of the new cluster. BASF intends to implement a comprehensive smart manufacturing concept based on cutting-edge technologies. In the future, customers based in South China would be supplied from this high-tech Verbund site. Investments can reach $10 bln until 2030 and the first plantsare to be started up not later than 2026. So BASF has a little left to do before taking a final decision. The next step is to be a pre-feasibility study. In case, results are satisfactory we will see a brand new smart Verbund soon.

“Hack the wind” or birth of alternative energy innovations

For more than two decades, hackathons are great events for exploring innovations and proffessionals’ networking. Consequentially, they crossed IT borders. WindEurope conference announced that they are partnering to host a joint hackathon for a second consecutive year. Hack the Wind aims to help shape the future of wind energy by facilitating the development of innovative new technologies.

Participants in the hackathon, held at the WindEurope Conference 2018, will be split into teams – all competing for a share of a €20,000 prize. To be awarded this prize, participants will have to propose innovative and implementable solutions to the challenges promoted by the event partners. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will have the participants working on Blockchain applications for hybrid systems optimisation, while EDP Renewables will propose a challenge related to predictive maintenance and Operation and Maintenance Optimization.

The teams will be judged by a panel of C-level representatives of the event partners and the best innovators will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and showcase their solutions at the Global Wind Summit.

Last year’s Hack the Wind was attended by more than 80 participants and saw Jungle AI and Smart Turbine Management hack their way to a €7,000 prize each. A further €5,000 was awarded to TRM Systems and Vento due to the judges’ belief in their potential to convert their innovations into viable long-term businesses.

Alternative energy doesn’t give up looking for alternatives blockchain technology and hackathon form seem to be prospective ones. So we are looking forward to Hack the wind results that let us and range of enterprises get even better!

Alfa Laval supplies Euro 120 Million Energy Efficiency Order to China

Our partner Alfa Laval is a recognized world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling. Recently, the company has won an order to supply large heat exchangers to a petrochemical plant in China. The order has a value of approximately Euro 120 million. It comprises of OLMI Welded Heat Exchangers, with deliveries scheduled for 2018 and 2019. The equipment to be used to recover and reuse energy in different steps in the chemical process of producing components for polystyrene production.

Alfa Laval offers an extensive product range of heat exchangers that are all highly efficient and thereby contribute to huge energy savings. In addition, every year they save a lot of CO2 emissions which is beneficial to the society and ecology.

BASF at Achema 2018

ACHEMA 2018 is an annual exhibition dedicated to technologies and innovations in chemical industry. It starts today in Frankfurt am Main. Our partner company, BASF, will be there this week at Stand C37 in Hall 8. It will present selected products, services, and innovations in high-pressure and surface technologies as well as additive manufacturing.

We have already published news on 3D technologies developed by BASF. You have a perfect option to check them out within Achema. Moreover, we expect demonstration of products developed by equipment division of the corporation. There will be a cross-section of a T-emergency valve used as a safety device for LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plants. The valve with a nominal width of 89 mm is suitable for pressures of up to 3600 bar. Although it weighs around two tons, the valve can be opened or closed in less than 200 milliseconds. BASF develops and supplies safety equipment for the entire LDPE process at a PE producer, making a significant contribution to the safety of its production facilities.

Worldwide, BASF runs more than 40 of its own high-pressure plants at more than 325 bar. It remains to be the only manufacturer to operate the high-pressure components in its own production plants. In addition to high-pressure equipment, fittings, and pipes, the company’s extensive portfolio includes measurement and control components for chemical processes at pressures of up to 3600 bar.

You can find solutions for your business at Achema till the 15th of June.

FLOWSERVE at Caspian Oil & Gas 2018

Our partners, company Flowserve, takes part in the 25th Caspian Oil & Gas Conference in Baku, Azerbajdjan. the forum gathers each year specialists from different organizations, experts, developers of know-how and managers of the highest level to discuss the hottest issues of oil and gas projects in the region, as well as providing security of energy supply.

Flowserve is going to present at their booth #2035 the latest products for oil and gas.You will be able to take a closer look at products as well as communicate with Flowserve experts, learn more about safety, durability and performance of Flowserve equipment. You can speak with Flowserve’s Europe, Middle East and Africa-based specialists in pumps, wet seals, dry gas seals and valves who have extensive knowledge of original equipment and aftermarket oil and gas applications. Find answers to your questions and smart solutions for your enterprises.

Learn more about specialized products such as ebulated PR pumps, delayed coking units and high-temperature process slurry pumps for catalytic cracking. Flowserve announces demonstration of solutions like new electric rotating compressor seal gas booster, Ampliflow G-Boost and the latest Logix 3800 positioner that features powerful diagnostics that identify field problems and expedite corrective actions to ensure reduced return-to-operation times.

Visit Flowserve booth at Caspian Oil & Gas 2018, learn more about the latest solutions for industry and we assist you to choose and integrate ones that are the most suitable for your needs!

Eternal sunshine of BASF

Natural sunlight makes us feel better and even more concentrated. However, what to do if there is not that much neither light, nor windows? BASF specialists propose a smart solution! It opens a lot of opportunities for augmentation of comfort. Whether your room doesn’t have windows at all, or you work in the metal-and-glass office, BASF system allows to distribute light in a smart way.

A façade element made with a special foil is used to capture and transmit sunlight. This façade element can be integrated invisibly into the façade, giving the architect complete creative freedom for design. As soon as the sunlight has been captured and concentrated, it is transported through the light tunnels to the interior of the building. The range depends on the height of the tunnels installed. Finally, inside the building, the lighting fixtures distribute the light in the rooms. The lighting fixtures are combined with LED components to intelligently modulate the light. 1:10 scaled model of the system has already been presented within Light+Building 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt.


BASF daylight system can be widely used to enhance characteristics of such places as schools, hospitals, trade centers and office buildings. Humans feel better in the beams of natural light and moreover the amount of  illnesses decreases. On the other hand, utilisation of natural light allows to reduce usage of electric lights.


The idea of daylight management is not that new. Italian company CoeLux manufactures “daylight windows” since 2009. They fill rooms even on the rainy day with natural sunlight. 2015, BASF started researches. They achieved a great scope, since the system allows not only to imitate sunlight, but to capture sunlight directly from façade and to manage it. The first prototype of the system is aready installed in the headquater of Bartenbach GmbH in Austria.


Alfa Laval at IFAT 2018 with sustainable solutions

On the 14-18th May one of the hugest fair dedicated to sewage solutions and resource management starts in Munich. Our partners, Alfa Laval, are taking part in it, promising a couple of attractions at their stand (A1.251). They announce presentation of solutions for the circular economy and demonstration to visitors how they can reduce their plants’ environmental footprints, regenerate value and minimize lifecycle costs.

Alfa Laval showcase three branches:

  • Water– water treatment, water recirculating, removing of micro plastic.
  • Sludge – turning waste into value, efficient dewatering and thickening solutions.
  • Heat– energy savings through heat recovery, optimization of biogas production.

Presentation of updated Alfa Laval MBR

Alfa Laval announce presentation of updated membrane within IFAT 2018. It includes brand new self-cleaning S Aerator, that provides opportunities for energy savings, as well as QuickSwap technology that allows to minimize time  needed for membrane replacing. A working miniature demo will be on display at the stand. Find more about Alfa Laval’s MBR membranes, visit

Check-up your decanter for free!

One of Alfa Laval’s key services for wastewater plants is the Decanter Performance Audit. Firstly, Alfa Laval professional makes an on-site visit to collect process and operating data related to the decanters. After an in-depth analysis a Performance Audit Report is issued. It covers the current status of the equipment together with recommendations on ways to improve performance and optimize operating costs. Visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy and UK can sign up for a free Decanter Performance Audit at Alfa Laval’s stand at IFAT.

Alfa Laval equipment at IFAT 2018

A working model of an Alfa Laval MBR membrane system
ALDEC G3-45 – Alfa Laval’s flagship decanter for high performance sludge thickening and dewatering
AS-H Iso-Disc – A compact, cost-efficient alternative to sand filters
AS-H Plate Press – A continuous, high-capacity plate press with low requirements for manpower, polymers and energy
AS-H Plate Press – высокоэффективный фильтр-пресс с небольшим энергопотреблением и низкой потребностью в обслуживающем персонале.

Join Alfa Laval within press-breakfast on the 15th May at 8.45 – 9.45, company’s stand A1.251. You’ll take a look at products’ presentation. afterwards you have an option to discuss with Alfa Laval professionals your issues in detail and to find ways of your equipment optimization.

Turboden ORC for a CSP-plant in Danemark is already started up!

End of march, the first CHP combining CSP plant with ORC technology was started up. The project was financed by by the Danish Government’s Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.

The heating plant provides Brønderslev (4600 consumers) with 10 MWh. It replaced an old one  that used natural gas as fuel. The new system consists oftwo 10 MW biomass boilers, , three ground-source heat pumps and solar heating and oil-fired units.

The CSP covers 27 000 square meters with 40 rows of mirrors. The mirrors which heat thermal oil to temperatures up to 330°C. The heated oil is then used to both feed the 3.8 MWe ORC system, suppied by Italy’s Turboden, and directly heat the district heating water. The system can easily switch between modes of heat production and both heat and power production at peak price periods. The calculations demonstrate the possibility of up to 16 MWh power production in sunny  days.

Turboden ORC plants provide possibility to convert CSP produced heat into power by means of high efficient thermodynamic cycle. Concentrated Solar Power systems with the ORC technology of Turboden can be cost-effective in the range up to 20 MW electric per single shaft.

The advantages of Turboden ORC-plants for CSP application are

  • Capability to adapt to load variation easily and quickly
  • Ease of integration with biomass or heat recovery plants
  • Partial load operation down to 10% of the nominal load
  • Direct air condensation. No water consumption
  • Possibility to couple to low cost/medium scale solar collectors

Altenergy is an official representative of Italian ORC-plants manufacturer. Therefore, our specialists can provide you with a plant that is suitable for your application, whether it is a CSP plant or waste heat application. We help to produce even more green energy. Just contact us!