Stimulation treatments are carried out to enhance or restore the productivity of a well. The increased productivity results from new flow channels from which natural gas and oil can be recovered from the targeted formation. Hydraulic fracture treatment (HFT) is the most frequently used method. In partnership with BASF, we offer products that improve hydraulic fluid, add stability and possibility to control it.

  • Biocides allow to control bacteria growth in fluid, maintain its characteristics, guarantee effectiveness og felling agent.
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect steel parts of equipment in acid environment (e.g. by acid layer treatment; are safer than alcohols).
  • Friction reducers enhance effectiveness by HFT.
  • Gelling agents/ Viscosifiers provide proper positioning of propant agents by HFT.
  • Acids are used for carbonate treatment, paraffin removal.
  • Iron control agents are used to control and remove iron compounds.

Innovations from German company include also solutions for leakage elimination, clay control, emulsion formation prevention, effective well water treatment etc.

Our team assists you to select and get on time chemicals and equipment that your company needs, provides after-sale and service support.