Below you can find a list of our key references.

Tyazhpromexport (Moskow, Russia):

  • plate heat exchangers for demineralized water, turbine oil purification station (2011)

Mozyr oil refinery (Mozyr, Belarus):

  • plate heat exchangers Compabloc (2013-2016);
  • plate fridge-condenser Compabloc (2016);
  • supply of spare parts for Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers – SIGRAFLEX seals (2017);
  • heat exchanger plate package Compabloc (2017-2019);
  • special tick grips (2019);
  • plate fridge-condenser Compabloc (2020)

Minskkommunteploset (Minsk, Belarus):

  • ORC-module Turboden 14 CHP, incl. assembly and start-up works (2014)

Technoserv (Moskow, Russia):

  • plate heat exchangers complete with mating flanges, gaskets, fasteners, anchor bolts and a strainer (2015)

Belaruskali (Soligorsk, Belarus):

  • Flowserve pumps for capital construction projects (2016);
  • pump unit, complete control panel (2018)

China Machine-Building Engineering Corporation (PRC) in the Republic of Belarus:

  • chemically purified water heater, heat exchanger Compabloc;
  • make-up water cooler, plate heat exchanger M6-FG;
  • chemical water treatment feed water cooler, plate heat exchanger TL6-BFD;
  • demineralized water chiller cooling accessories, plate heat exchanger TL3-BFG;
  • closed loop heat exchanger of the recovery boiler, plate heat exchanger T20-PFS;
  • air-cooled heat exchanger type VDDQ 1009.1CD;
  • air-cooled heat exchanger type VDDQ 1009.1D;
  • dry fan cooling tower (2016)

Minskenergo (Minsk, Belarus):

  • sets of hot water electric boiler plants (2018);
  • accumulator tank, auxiliary equipment of heat storage unit (2020)

Brestenergo (Brest, Belarus):

  • hot water electrode boiler Parat ih 30 MW and auxiliary equipment (2020);
  • Сhief engineering services for planned maintenance of the Parat hot-water electrode boiler (2022)

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas (Bulgaria):

  • Flowserve pumping units (10 units) with Schneider Electric frequency inverter (2019);
  • spare parts for Flowserve pumps (2020);
  • Spare parts for pump CBEY 125250 11 4AL 1E 2 DA, UEAA 10005 AA RBG 1 A1 (2021);
  •  Spare parts for centrifuge M-306 (2021);
  •  Spare parts for pumps (2021);
  •  Mech seal repair kit (2022)