By implementing of innovations in chemical and petrochemical domains we help companies to increase efficiency and eco-friendliness of oil/gas production processes. Products that are designed by BASF for specific needs provide flow assurance, perfect oil/water separation and protection of equipment that allows you to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Flow assurance

Paraffin inhibitors / pour point depressants help to improve cold flow behavior and help prevent deposits of paraffin crystals.

To control inorganic deposits you can find such special products as scale inhibitors (Basoscale™and/or Basosolve™).

Gas hydrate inhibitors (e.g. Luvicap® ) delay the formation of gas hydrate crystals providing stable and safe production.

To effectively remove organic or inorganic deposits from pipeline and equipment you can select special dispersing or cleaning agents.

Oil / water separation

The issue of oil/water separation becomes the toughest one by production on offshore structures/ However, implementation of demulsifiers can increase efficiency of production process even onshore. Demulsifiers (e.g. Basorol®) help to quickly separate produced water from oil.

Water clarifiers / deoilers (such as Alcomer® 216 or Basomin™ SK, Alcomer® 7109) help to effectively remove oil from produced water.

Defoamers are specially designed to mitigate foam problems.

Asset integrity

High temperatures during production process cause corrosion of drilling equipment, that lays under necessity frequent repairs and as consequence slows down production process. Corrosion inhibitors(Basocorr™) protect steel parts for all production equipment and pipelines.

Products of biocides  group help you to keep bacteria growth under control.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) scavengers effectively reduce levels of toxic (H2S) gas to meet safety standards and tight pipeline specifications.

Our team assists you to select and get on time chemicals and equipment that your company needs, provides after-sale and service support.