The customers used to recognize Flowserve as an important manufacturer of high-quality equipment for oil and gas, power and chemical industries. Meanwhile, the company integrates its products into snow-making systems worldwide since early 1980-s.
Flowserve vertical turbine double casing pumps (VPC) and vertical turbine wet-pit pumps (VTP) along with seal systems and digital technologies are widely used in snow-making systems at ski resorts and winter sports venues around the world. These pumps provide a possibility to design a flow control station that keeps constant discharge pressure, without fluctuation, for optimum snow-making results. At the same time, Flowserve vertical turbine pumps are the preferred choice in a business where performance on-demand is critical to success.
The snow-making system at PyeongChang includes more than 20 Flowserve vertical turbine high-pressure pumps, which pull the large amounts of water into the system that is needed to make snow. The company is proud of taking part into such a great event that makes the world better.
We congratulate our partners and as official distributors we are glad to implement projects of any difficulty, based on the high-quality reliable Flowserve equipment.

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