Natural sunlight makes us feel better and even more concentrated. However, what to do if there is not that much neither light, nor windows? BASF specialists propose a smart solution! It opens a lot of opportunities for augmentation of comfort. Whether your room doesn’t have windows at all, or you work in the metal-and-glass office, BASF system allows to distribute light in a smart way.

A façade element made with a special foil is used to capture and transmit sunlight. This façade element can be integrated invisibly into the façade, giving the architect complete creative freedom for design. As soon as the sunlight has been captured and concentrated, it is transported through the light tunnels to the interior of the building. The range depends on the height of the tunnels installed. Finally, inside the building, the lighting fixtures distribute the light in the rooms. The lighting fixtures are combined with LED components to intelligently modulate the light. 1:10 scaled model of the system has already been presented within Light+Building 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt.


BASF daylight system can be widely used to enhance characteristics of such places as schools, hospitals, trade centers and office buildings. Humans feel better in the beams of natural light and moreover the amount of  illnesses decreases. On the other hand, utilisation of natural light allows to reduce usage of electric lights.


The idea of daylight management is not that new. Italian company CoeLux manufactures “daylight windows” since 2009. They fill rooms even on the rainy day with natural sunlight. 2015, BASF started researches. They achieved a great scope, since the system allows not only to imitate sunlight, but to capture sunlight directly from façade and to manage it. The first prototype of the system is aready installed in the headquater of Bartenbach GmbH in Austria.


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