Electrode boilers

How does an electrode boiler work?

Electrode steam or hot water boiler is compact solution used for conversion of electric power to heat. Its operation principle is quite simple. Incoming electricity via electrodes inside the boiler creates a field around them that makes molecules of circulating in boiler’s upper part water move faster. In such a way water gets heated. The boiler vessel itself is under pressure with use of inert gas system (e.g. nitrogen). Water volume is regulated with a control valve. It is kept on a pretty low level, so that boiler output can be regulated almost instantly. Water conductivity is continuously monitored to ensure that the boiler gives the correct output. When the conductivity exceeds the set parameters, blowdown is initiated automatically. Steam boiler operation is based on similar principles. Steam is collected in the upper part of the boiler, it gets out through the control valve. In case, steam pressure exceeds the setpoint, poiler power decreases automatically.


Electrode boilers provide options for inclusion of alternative energy plants (e.g. solar, wind) into central heating systems. The other important application is grid regulation.

Grid regulation

Connection of alternative energy plants with grid requires instant power and frequency control. Less than 30 seconds response time from minimum to full load of the electrode provides an option to use it for primary regulation. Converting electrical power to heat makes it possible to accumulate renewable energy in periods of overproduction.

Heating networks

Hot water and steam produced by electrode boilers can be used in heating networks, what allows to minimize use of boilers that work with fossil fuels. An installed thermal storage tank provides the capacity to receive large amounts of energy when the call for grid regulation is there. When the client needs the heat, the energy can be released from the tank.

Electrode boilers let the users not only to influence ecologic output of enterprises, but to minimize fossil fuels budget as well.

Parat electrode boilers

We offer solutions based on Parat electrode boilers. Norwegian company manufactures equipment on its own facility in Flekkefjorde since more than 20 years. However they started in early 1920’s. At the current moment the company has implemented a wide range of projects in Europe and successfully stabilized power systems in a lot of towns.

Key advantages of Parat electric boilers are

  • From cold to full load in less than 5 minutes
  • 30 seconds from minimum to full load
  • Minimum load 0%
  • No earth current
  • Compact design – up to 60MW in one unit
  • No low voltage transformer required
  • No Electrode wear
  • Minimum maintenance required
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