Modern technical process of drilling requires high-quality drilling fluid. It should provide high drilling performance and at the same time protect wellbore against sloughing, minimize waterloss, provide fluid flow control and intensive corrosion protection. In partnership with BASF, we offer range of products that make drilling fluids temperature stable, and contamination tolerant. The main purpose of this class of additives is control the flow behavior of the drilling fluid (viscosifiers and thinners), minimizing the loss of water from the drilling fluid to the formation (fluid loss additives) or preventing  shale from swelling (shale inhibitors).

The greatest part of additives is covered by product portfolio Alcomer®. It includes various chemicals from special pellets and powders to invert-emulsion drilling fluids. The most popular products are bentonite extender Alcomer® 1771, temperature stable fluid loss control additive Polydrill® and deflocculant for clay / water-based muds Polythin®. Among the big range of chemicals you find everything you need for optimization of drilling.

Our team assists you to select and get on time chemicals and equipment that your company needs, provides after-sale and service support.