Cementing of oil wells is a specific process that requires special slurry characteristics. Cement should be pumped down through a casing pipe to bottom hole, and then it should go up into the space between pipe and layer, maintaining all the characteristics. Further influence comes from pressure of layers that surround the pipe and gases.

BASF’s state-of-the-art cement dispersants improve the slurry rheology such that long range pumping is greatly improved and at the same time water-reduced cement slurries are possible. Fluid loss additives, which are stable against high temperatures and concentrated salt solutions, ensure a reliable cementing job under difficult conditions. BASF’s retarders can be synergistically combined with our highly efficient dispersants allowing for time critical cementing jobs under high temperature conditions. Anti-gas migration additives prevent gas from channelling through the hardening cement and ensure a reliable cementing job. The BASF portfolio is completed by defoamers with outstanding foam control properties.

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