Preventive service

“Your challenge is not just to improve. It’s to break the service paradigm in your industry or market so customers aren’t just satisfied, they’re so shocked they tell strangers on the street how good you are.”

Jack Welch, General Electric

Obviously, overcoming customer’s expectations is the crucial goal that companies should be striving at. Service maintenance becomes a very important part of current expectations.

For decades, producers and suppliers were mainly interested only in sells. It’s more profitable to sell than to provide service, it’s easier to change an item to a new one than to repair an old one. Fortunately, economic pressures, and the worldwide commoditization of equipment and hardware, are forcing manufacturers to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Good service becomes a valuable proposition. On the other hand, customers tend to change their mindset from  “don’t come to me and sell” to “come and help me keep my business running” . We do our best to keep your business always running.

Our partners, Alfa Laval company try to keep to trends and shift their accents to improving maintenance and service. Increasingly, Alfa Laval uses advanced software and sensors to monitor the condition of installed equipment. Knowing the right time to replace components is critical to plant productivity and uptime. It is highly important for enterprises, where production stops cause losses of up to hundred thousand dollars.