Renewable Energy

Traditional energy resources such as oil, gas and carbon maintain strong positions worldwide. However, taking into account limits and rising costs of non-renewable resources becomes a trend. Therefore, alternative energy gets more popular. One of our key values is decreasing of negative affectionon environment. We struggle at the same time against pollution and against waste of non-renewable resources. We offer package solutions based on the following technologies:


We work with the world’s leading producer of pump equipment for industrial processes. We have already introduced Flowserve equipment in several projects in CIS countries. Since 2017 Altenergy is official agent of Flowserve in Bulgaria.

Flowserveis American corporation, counting its history for more than a century. It always aims to maintain leadership in its domains and therefore does a lot to achieve this goal. It has a range of world-known products, such as Worthington, IDP, Valtek, Limitorque, Durco and Edward. The company doesn’t stop its evolution, introduces brand new products on the market, and enlarges its service network. It’s worth to mention that the products demonstrate increased wear resistance, thank to use of innovative materials (e.g. such as X-Cavalloy, used for cavity erosion resistance). We provide you with high-quality products of recommended and reliable producer.

Flowserve is leader in domain of fluid motion control. Products are divided in three key groups, such as PumpsSeals and Valves. Further you can find more on their types.


  • Overhung pumps
  • Vertical pumps
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Slurry and solids-handling pumps
  • Chemical process pumps – ANSI, ISO
  • Pumps for special needs


  • mechanical seals (standard cartridge, pusher, metal bellow, mixer, compressor, slurry, gas barrier and containment, OEM and special duty seals and systems)


  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Rotary control valves
  • Linear control valves
  • Severe service control valves
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Check valves
  • Plug valves

Chemistry & petrochemistry

Our team works on projects that are connected with chemistry more than 7 years. We elaborate package solutions for various industrial branches, supply materials and equipment, provide after-sale and guarantee services. Our customers are large oil refineries, mining companies and water treatment enterprises.

Our partner is the of the best in chemistry, it’s German concern BASF. We assist on implementing innovations and in cooperation with giants create basics for sustainability.

Among our range of products You find specialized solutions for Your company.

  • Batching equipment and equipment for preparation of liquid and dry chemical agents (preparation systems, batchers, mixers etc)

Water treatment

  • Chemical agents for drinking water from surface springs treatment; for industrial and domestic waste water treatment
  • Systems for chemical water treatment (antiscalants, inhibitors, biocides etc.)
  • Chemical agents for recycling water supply systems

Oil refining

  • Chemical agents for oilfields, including drilling, cementation, well completion and operation, enhanced oil recovery
  • Chemical agents for oil refinery, including catalysts and additives

Chemical industry

  • Specialized chemical agents for paints and coatings producers (pigments, color combinations, break-ups, resins and additions)
  • Intermediates, including amines, diols, polyalcohols, acids and specialties. They are used, for example, as starting materials for coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textile fibers, detergents and crop protectants.
  • Catalysts
  • Plastic additives and pigments

Mining industry

  • Reagents, equipment, process technologies and expertise, focusing on applications such as grinding, flotation, hydrometallurgy, solid liquid separation, tailings management, materials handling

Food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Reagents for technological industrial processes

Heat exchanging equipment

Various options of heat supply and exchanging are used in the most part of industrial technological processes. Heat exchangers transfer heat from one environment to another and have an important influence on the whole flow process.

Our partner in the domain of heat exchanging equipment is Swedish company ALFA LAVAL that counts its history from the end of the 19th century. We offer wide range of products for such solutions as heat recovery, evaporation, condensation, heating, cooling. Depending on their types heat exchangers can be used with high or low pressures and temperatures, work with corrosive environments.