Location: Soligorsk, Belarus
Contractual items: pumps with control system
Manufacturer: Flowserve B.V., the Netherlands
Customer: Belaruskali

In 2017, we took part in another important tender in the Republic of Belarus. The huge Belarusian chemical enterprise, Belaruskali, acted as the customer of pumps for specific needs.

Item of supply and its characteristics

In order to provide ecological safety of production, special storages for spent solids and brines are built during construction of mining processing plant. The most typical kind of emergency for potash mining is unexpected water and brines irruption from underground water-bearing horizons into worked-out areas of mines. Brine suction pumps are used for brine transfer from salt tailings to the brine storage. On the other hand, they serve to prevent serious consequences in case of brine flooding. In our project, we were to solve the second type of issue and to propose such “protection” pumps. Specific characteristics of such equipment arise from severe exploitation environment: it is to work at great depths and under high-heads.


We chose Flowserve as producer for this project, since it has a reputation of worldwide leader in manufacturing and maintaining of pump equipment. The corporation has also a great experience in engineering of equipment for specific applications. Stability and high-performance of proper chosen and installed equipment is crucially important for mining. So, we managed to prove reliability of our solution and took part in the tender as official sales representatives of American corporation.

Realization stage

Within this project we put emphasis on engineering. In collaboration with Flowserve specialists, we provided the customer with additional detailed design that contributed a lot into our victory in tender. During realization stage of project the customer placed additional requirements for automation and electrical supply of pump equipment. As a result of needs analysis and long negotiations, we succeeded to choose equipment and control system that satisfied the customer in price and quality.

In total

The Belaruskali project became for us one of the most important ones. Within it, we managed to do a great specific and very interesting for us engineering work. Due to close contact with our supplier we succeeded to break new ground and improve our professional skills. At the same time, pump equipment became our company’s division.

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