how it works?

Biogas is a valuable energy source that is used in the same cases as natural gas. Burning of 1 cubicle of biogas on modern cogeneration plant produces 2 kW of electricity and 4 kW of heat as hot water.

we offer

We collaborate with companies from Western Europe and Belarus that have long experience in elaboration and building biogas complexes. We offer full package of services within biogas projects on enterprises:

  • Primary analysis of waste potential
  • Biomass analysis for the purpose of defining possibility of biogas production
  • Elaboration of key technological solutions of biogas complex
  1. Defining of principle biogas  complex scheme
  2. Defining principle technological equipment
  3. Optimization of biogas use
  4. Optimization of pattern for connection of electric generating equipment to external utilities.
  • Elaborating of biogas complex construction feasibility study:
  1. Valuation of total project investments
  2. Valuation of investments efficiency
  3. Optimization of project financing scheme
  4. Equipment supply for biogas complex. All the engineering documentation is provided
  5. After-sale service and consulting for biogas complex manipulator

Such an approach to project implementation allows defining viability of biogas complex construction already on the initial phase and rationalize project budget. Depending on your needs we can find the cheapest, as well as based on the cutting-edge technologies solution.

key partners

AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH (Austria), company with long experience in producing and supply of bioenergy complexes.

Watrec Oy (Finnland), another experienced in the domain company. It took part in construction of three biggest bioenergy complexex in Finnland.